Little Things for Tiny Tots was started by three Perth mums who share a passion to help babies and families in need.

We operate out of the Tuart Hill Community Centre and are 100% volunteer run. We rely on the generosity and support of our local community to help Perth babies and their families.

Little Things for Tiny Tots is registered with the Australian Charity and Non-Profits Commission (ACNC) and has a Western Australian Charitable Collection Licence.


Kiren Bigwood

I'm a mum to two strong, funny, sweet (and often crazy!) girls who were my inspiration to start Little Things for Tiny Tots. I feel strongly about giving back to our community and love being able to help babies and their families who may be in tough situations. When I'm not taking care of the charity, I work part time in marketing and business development within the legal industry. I'm lucky to have a very supportive and understanding husband and a fantastic network of family and friends who I can rely on. I'm a sensitive person and wear my heart on my sleeve, I cry tears of happiness all the time! I love spreadsheets (true fact, ask my friends), travelling, summer beach days and trashy reality tv.

Philippa Lonie

Little Things for Tiny Tots started from a little idea, and a lot of grit, when my eldest daughter was only three months old. It has since grown into something that we are so proud of. Every day I am inspired by the passion and goodwill that people have for strangers they will never meet. I’m a mum to two adventuresome and spirited young girls, and I work full time for a tech company. In my “spare” time I like to go running; I drink coffee and wine in equal measure; and I look forward to one day being able to sleep in.

Elisa Cunningham

I consider myself incredibly lucky to have two of the most amazing and inspirational friends. Little Things was Kiren’s brainchild for some time and with Philippa’s drive and my support, we were able to create something really remarkable. I am a mother of two much loved and incredibly cheeky children. They have “helped” at volunteer sessions for most of their lives. My hope is for them to understand from a young age how important goodwill and kindness matter within our community. In my spare time, I raise my family with my wonderful husband and work in Human Resources. My days are very full from the minute my eyes open, to the moment they shut in the middle of the same episode I have been watching for three nights. I wouldn’t have it any other way.


Chair: Kiren Bigwood

Treasurer: Sheila Lunn

General Members:

  • Victoria Long

  • Andrea Marchesi

  • Emma Bergmeier-Varian

  • Melanie Benaim

  • Tennille Trevaskis

  • Anna Turnell

Would you like to help us?

We welcome and encourage support from our community. If you can't donate baby items or volunteer at our sessions, there are still many ways in which you may be able to assist us.

If you are an individual, corporation, school or other organisations and would like to work with us, please get in touch: partnerships@littlethings.org.au