Who We Help

We are proud to partner with a number of WA organisations who distribute our New Baby Boxes, and other baby items, to families in need.

The families we support may be impacted by domestic violence, homelessness, mental illness, drug or alcohol addiction, financial stress, sickness, bereavement and a variety of other issues.

We are committed to providing help and support for babies and their families in their time of need.


“When clients receive the boxes, they cry. The gift, the giving and the love they receive by getting this assistance is so beautiful. The boxes are not only helping them financially, it’s so much more. What this does for our community is amazing. Thank you.”

-Anita, Pregnancy Assistance

“We work very intensively with high risk infants and babies and their mothers. Being able to provide them with practical support allows them and us to focus on other crisis situations such as finding accommodation and escaping family and domestic violence. At times these babies need to be cared for by grandparents or other family members that often haven’t had a baby in their care for many years. It is really nice for the mothers, grandparents and other relative carers to know that they are not alone and they are supported.”

-Case Manager at one of our partner organisations

“I’m fortunate enough to have everything I need for my next little bub arriving this year, unlike many of my clients. I work as a midwife with disadvantaged teenage mums and have seen first hand the difference your boxes make. The practical contents inside are enough to get a new mum started but it’s the knowledge that someone out there cares for them and their baby that makes the real difference to their lives.”

-Kirsty, midwife

“Recently, a baby box was provided to a high risk client who had just come into our lead refuge. This client was escaping domestic violence and had flown down from the Kimberley with her young children and newborn. She had never been to Perth before and this was an overwhelming experience for her. She was socially and culturally isolated and disconnected from her community - while also suffering the impact of trauma around her long exposure of DV. She came to our refuge with barely any belongings. While she was accommodated with us, we provided her with a New Baby Box that your organisation had put together. The client was extremely grateful and expressed that she had never been gifted nice things before. The impact this had on her was amazing, she stated that she didn’t think people care but now she believes some people do. Another thank you to your amazing, beautiful organisation which is making a huge impact on the clients who receive this!

-Case Worker, Patricia Giles Centre

"I just want to take this opportunity to say a huge thank you for providing New Baby Boxes to families in our service. In our service as it grows we are finding that more families are experiencing food and economic insecurity. They come to us in pregnancy with emotional well being and mental health concerns but it is challenging to begin to support their mental health concerns if they are worrying about where they are going to get food for the next week or how they will be able to afford nappies and clothes for their baby. We have deep appreciation and gratitude for the work you do and what you provide for families."

-Rochelle, ECU Pregnancy to Parenthood Clinic

If you are a social worker or represent a support services organisation and would like to become a partner, please complete our Partner Expression of Interest (EOI) application: EOI FORM

All applications are reviewed by our committee on a monthly basis (usually the first Saturday of the month). Our service is provided free of charge and we do not have assessment criteria.

Please note, partners are required to pick up items from our Tuart Hill storeroom on the first Friday of each month after your order is submitted. We are unable to deliver.

If you have any questions, please email us: socialservices@littlethings.org.au.