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Little Things for Tiny Tots was founded in 2015 by three Perth mums - Philippa LonieElisa Cunningham and Kiren Bigwood, who shared a passion to help babies and families in need.

We are a volunteer powered charity that operates out of Stirling Community Centres Tuart Hill. We rely on the generosity and support of our local community to help babies and their families.

Little Things for Tiny Tots is registered with the Australian Charity and Non-Profits Commission (ACNC) and has a Western Australian Charitable Collection Licence.

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  • Monica Smith


  • Kiren Bigwood

    Founder & General Member

  • Andrea Marchesi

    Vice Chair

  • Nana Iyamu


  • Susan Ashcroft


  • Mary Shaw

    General Member

  • Valerie Bowyer

    General Member

  • Stephanie Reeves

    General Member

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  • Lori Jacobson

    Operations Manager

  • Duc Pham

    Growth & Development Manager

  • Laura Kos

    Volunteer Coordinator

  • Liz Pope

    Agency Coordinator

  • Emma Bergmeier-Varian

    Communications Coordinator

  • Alison Le Dain

    Community Volunteer Lead

  • Indah McLeod

    Events Coordinator

  • Gail Mackay

    Christmas Gift Wrapping Coordinator

  • Thais Rees

    Project Officer

  • Emma Dodgson

    Human Resources Coordinator

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  • Gul Azimi

  • Yael Jacobson

  • Alishia Sequeira

  • Noni Thorn

  • Tara Salerno